What's an EVA?

We live in an era of technological advances. With tools like the internet, email, apps, iCloud, etc. we no longer need an assistant to be physically present in order to provide support. An Executive virtual Assistant  or EVA, supports you the same way as an onsite employee but remotely, from their own home, using their own equipment. If you think about it, this is a great cost effective solution!  Employing a member or staff means that you need to:

  • have enough work to keep them busy
  • provide them with an office space
  • provide them with a computer, printer, equipment, stationery, telephone. etc.
  • pay salary and benefits
  • pay taxes & contributions for this employee
  • pay sick days
  • pay holidays
  • pay vacations
  • pay maternity/paternity leave
  • pay breaks, overtime and other penalties
  • and the list goes on!
During a normal on site day, distractions and interruptions may lead to poor or minimal productivity. This becomes a waste of money for many business owners since the real cost of employing someone is higher than their typical salary. Of course that you want to employ someone experienced, resourceful, competent, reliable, confidential, with excellent technical knowledge but a resource like this comes with a very high salary. Suddenly, the idea of a virtual assistant starts to make more sense. EVA's structure moves away from the traditional approach of employing staff and instead, embracing a modern and flexible solution that is tailored to your specific needs and at the same time representing a compelling return on investment that is hard to ignore.

Do you......

  • struggle to keep up with the constant demands in your time?
  • waste valuable time on tasks that you don’t enjoy?
  • loose focus on clerical and administrative tasks instead of concentrating in growing your business?
  • want to enjoy more free time?
  • want support, but you don’t want the cost or hassle of employing someone?
  • You don’t need someone full time but you need a little help?

If any of these sound like you, then you should seriously consider getting help from an EVA – imagine what you could do with a little more time on your hands.

Benefits of hiring an EVA:

  1. No strings attached –depending on your package selection, you can have support when your business needs it.  You can pay a retainer for a set number of hours per week/month – this way you guarantee your support time; or you can pay an agreed fixed price for a specific project or task. 
  2. You only pay for the time you buy – EVA's depend on working per hour or project, so you can be sure that they keep track of the time spent on their clients’ work and try to finish it as fast as possible.  
  3. No office, equipment or furniture – EVA's work from their own homes. They have their own computers, software and printers. You may have some additional costs if you need them to make expensive calls on your behalf or buy specific products/software to support you – but otherwise the cost of an EVA is an all-inclusive price.
  4. No associated employment costs – with an EVA you avoid sick pay, holiday pay, maternity/paternity cover, illness, jury service, contributions, pensions, life insurance, employee benefits, training and development.
  5. EVA's are more productive because they are specialists in their field so they’re used to working quickly, efficiently, juggling multiple priorities and getting the job done. 
How much is your time worth? Imagine what another 10 hours a week could do for your productivity. Imagine delegating those tasks that take up too much of your precious time, or the ones you find particularly tedious and just don’t enjoy. Imagine the support of an experienced assistant on hand when you need it most. 
Whether it’s building your business, focusing on what you enjoy doing, 
or simply creating a work/life balance;
 an EVA is the perfect solution.

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